Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Ingleside (31204)

Ingleside Avenue in Macon begins at Riverside Drive and meanders westward until it reaches Ridge Avenue, which runs parallel to Vineville Avenue. Although the first few blocks of the road are part of the Vineville area of Macon, once it crosses over Pierce Avenue the neighborhood becomes what is referred to in Macon as “Ingleside”, or “old Ingleside”. It is one of Macon’s most beautiful neighborhoods and, although it is not an officially-designated historic district, it does include some older neighborhoods which would be eligible for such a designation.

The main street is Ingleside Avenue, with Vista Circle coming in a close second. The area is characterized by an abundant tree canopy and rolling hills (much like Shirley Hills across the river) as well as large and well-tended yards. Some pockets of the neighborhood began in the first quarter of the 20th century and include typical elements of architectural styles and amenities like sidewalks. Others have a decidedly more “suburban” feeling with larger lots and were developed in the second quarter of the century.

Ingleside is certainly well-located and well-loved by its inhabitants. As with most neighborhoods which were built over a period of years, and over a large area, the neighborhood has a number of smaller “pocket” areas which form their own communities within the larger whole. These smaller neighborhoods foster strong allegiance and it is not unusual to find residents of many decades living next door to newcomers who were fortunate enough to find a home in this very special and convenient area of Macon.

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